by Keep

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7" available via Mayfly Records


released November 20, 2015

Produced by Ian Hurdle
Additional Engineering by Kyle Stolcis
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering
Album art by Amber Ortolano



all rights reserved
Track Name: Latch
A shoeprint in the dirt
The ash below the tree
Just outside the house
The parting gifts I leave

Can't pull the truth from me
I'll suck the life from your kind eyes
It's only human to
Feel vulnerable to you

Wish you away
And wipe my memory clean
Leave it alone
And torture me

Tucked away in the corner
Just a belonging, you've got no use
Skin won't fit right like it used to
It's nothing new

No antidote
Wish you away
And wipe my memory clean
I want you to torture me
Track Name: Zone Out
It feels like a burden
It feels like a curse

Stuck in a stale routine
I've contracted a bad touch
Doomed to resort to this
I'll hurt the ones that I love

A bed for my body
Stay asleep to pass the time
No stars in the city
I feel safer inside

A smile for shock value
What a waste of a life
Track Name: Psychorama
Been in a coma
Woke up to a new world

Planetary pull
I got lost in your stars
Throw me back into orbit
I'll circle around your sun

It's the end of the world, love
Spend some time with me before you leave

You are a prophet
God to the godless