Hypnosis for Sleep

by Keep

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Keep is:
Wes Smithers
Nick Yetka

Special thanks to Kyle McKean and Anthony Gaona


released July 22, 2014

Recorded and Mixed by Ian Hurdle
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering
Album art by Amber Ortolano



all rights reserved
Track Name: Cry
Focused on numbing my nerves
Killing the pain
Drain the blood from my veins
The vulture on my shoulder
Picks at my brain
The devils surface
My conscience is stained

Indulging in the mundane
I'm picking plots for my grave

Destroy me from the inside
I'm barely alive

Will you cry at my funeral
Will you grasp for what you lost
Will you cry at my funeral
Will you mourn when I'm gone
Track Name: Old Man
You can drone along with me
Or you can drone alone

What do you want out of life
Where do you want to go

You're just like your old man.
Track Name: Eureka
A deathbed is made for one
Go live your life
The thought that you're around's enough
To let me sleep at night
I'm losing in my dreams

My demons are catching up to me
I wonder what i've been screaming in my sleep

My epitaph will read
That I lived long and loved greatly
That I was everything that I was meant to be

Do you ever scream back at me
When I'm dying in my dreams